• Cyprus, Female Voice and Memory

    Cyprus, Female Voice and Memory

    Literature, Arts and History in the Work of Niki Marangou


    9.30 - 19.30 Saturday 23 September 2017

    at the British School at Athens, Souedias 52, 106 76 Athens


  • Newsletter June 2017

    Newsletter June 2017




    Knossos Research Centre Summer Lecture Series

    Dr M. Drakakis, "Πεπαιδευμένοι αρχαιολογούντες και αρχαιολόγοι πολιτικολογούντες στην Κρήτη του ύστερου 19oυ αιώνα"

    01 September 2017

    The Knossos Research Centre

    Starts at 8:30pm


We are very pleased to announce a workshop in honour of Professor Christopher Mee to be held at the British School at Athens on 18-19 September 2017.

Monday 18th September

19.00. Keynote lecture.

Bill Cavanagh and Josette Renard.
Tradition, transition and the impact of the new in Neolithic Greece.

Abstract. Chris Mee had a life-long engagement with pottery studies, think of the Bronze Age Dodecanese, his work on Cypriot antiquities, survey pottery from Methana and Laconia. A precious legacy that he left us, his co-directors of the Kouphovouno Project, was his work on the ceramics. Shortly before his untimely death, ‘The Middle–Late Neolithic Transition at Kouphovouno’ was published. It is our intention to develop further the ideas he put forward in that article and to reflect on the nature of tradition and innovation in a Neolithic community.

20.00. Reception.

Tuesday 19th September

09.30. John Bennet.
Introductory remarks.

09.40. Stella Katsarou and Andreas Darlas.
New evidence on Neolithic burial and occupation practices in the coastal caves of the Mani, Laconia.

10.20. Eva Alram-Stern, Clare Burke, Katie Demakopoulou and Peter Day.
The Final Neolithic and Early Helladic I pottery from Midea in the Argolid: continuity and change.

11.00. Joost Crouwel.
Final Neolithic and Early Helladic Laconia: a view from Geraki.

11.40. Coffee.

12.00. David Michael Smith.
Coarse labours long continued: undecorated pottery from the 1896-1899 excavations at Phylakopi, Melos.

12.40. Iphigenia Tournavitou.
Ritual pyres in Minoan peak sanctuaries: reality and popular myths.

13.20. Mercouris Georgiadis.
The ceramic assemblage from the MB III-LB I sanctuary on Leska top, Kythera.

14.00. Break

16.00. Angelos Papadopoulos.
A contribution to the study of Mycenaean pottery from Cyprus: bringing together the tomb groups from the 1895-1897 British Museum excavations.

16.40. Jeremy Rutter.
Ceramic surprises from LH IIIC Aigeira.

17.20. Elina Kardamaki, Vasco Hachtmann and Adamantia Vasilogamvrou.
Regional diversities or occupational gap? Pottery styles and production during the middle and late palatial phases (LH IIIA2-LH IIIB2) at Ayios Vasileios in comparison with those of the Argolid. 

18.00. John Bennet and Christa Mee.
Concluding remarks.

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  • 01 September 2017
    Dr M. Drakakis, "Πεπαιδευμένοι αρχαιολογούντες και αρχαιολόγοι πολιτικολογούντες στην Κρήτη του ύστερου 19oυ αιώνα"