• Newsletter December 2017

    Newsletter December 2017


  • RESEARCH AWARDS 2018-2019

    RESEARCH AWARDS 2018-2019

    Deadline: Friday 27th April 2018




    Applications are invited for a Visiting Fellowship & an Early Career Fellowship at the British School at Athens for 2-3 months in the academic year 2018-19 in any branch of the arts or sciences related to Greece. 

    Deadline: Friday 13th April 2018




    The British School at Athens offers two annual Studentships for advanced doctoral or postdoctoral research in any area covered by the School’s mission statement. Applications are open to students engaged in advanced postgraduate research at UK universities.

    Deadline: Friday 13th April 2018


Applications are invited from university graduates of Greek or Cypriot nationality for awards to cover the expenses of a stay in the United Kingdom (U.K.) of short duration for a specific project of study or research in any field in which the British School is active.

Deadline: Friday 19 January 2018

This comprises all areas of Hellenic studies, including Greek and Cypriot archaeology, art, history, language, literature, religion, philosophy, ethnography, anthropology, geography and all branches of archaeological science. The project must be clearly defined. It must be a project which would be greatly enhanced from access to material in libraries, museums or universities and from scholarship which is to be found in the U.K. but not in Greece or Cyprus.

Awards are not normally offered to those carrying out or intending to qualify for post-graduate study in the U.K. They are not normally awarded to those carrying out full time postgraduate study in Greece. A well-defined project may, however, justify an exception.

The award will be no less than ₤1000 per month plus the cost of a round-trip air ticket not to exceed £300. Preference will normally be given to applicants at an early stage in their career. Preference may be given to those who do not have extensive experience of study in the UK.

The School expects to offer at least two awards: no award will exceed three months. Award recipients should preferably be attached for the period of their award to a British university, museum or other appropriate institution. An advisor may be appointed. On their return from the U.K., recipients will be expected to submit a written report to the British School on their work as holders of the award.  Applications from previous bursary holders will not normally be considered within 5 years of the previous award.

Before applying for an award, applicants must make at least preliminary contact with the British institution(s) where they intend to work and the scholar(s) with whom they would like to study.

Applications must be written in English and sent by e-mail to the School Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following information should be included: 

1. A Curriculum Vitae, including record of publications, if any.

2. A statement in no more than 500 words of the research or study proposed, which must include specific reasons for studying in the U.K. and the proposed period and place of study.

3. The names and addresses of two referees who have agreed to provide confidential academic references. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their references are received by the School no later than 19 January 2018.

4. Address and phone number of applicant.

 Applications should be submitted by 5pm, 19 January, 2018. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview οn 15 February 2018. The interviews will be conducted in English. Candidates will be notified of the results by the end of February 2018. The awards must be taken up during the academic year October 2018 - September 2019.

Further information may be obtained from the Administrator of the British School at Athens: 

Tel.:  211 10 22 800 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 1pm)


  • 26 February 2018
    Dr Stacey Prickett, "Dancing nations at the Athens Festival: cultural diplomacy during the Cold War"
  • 27 February 2018
    Dr Lente Van Brempt, "The production and trade of Cypriot copper in the Late Bronze Age - From ore to ingot: unravelling the metallurgical chain"
  • 05 March 2018
    Dr Stephen Lambert, "Attic inscriptions online"
  • 12 March 2018
    Dr Eirini Karamouzi, "Troublemaker or Peacemaker? Andreas Papandreou, the policy of peace and the Cold War"