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The Curation Project at Knossos funds 4 short-term (between 8 and 10 weeks) full-time internships each academic year, in the autumn and spring.  

The Curatorial Project entails the cleaning, photographing, and repackaging of the Stratigraphical Museum holdings, and the creation of catalogue records in the School’s Museums and Archives Online system (using KE Software’s EMu programme).

Candidates should hold a degree in Archaeology, Museum Studies, Conservation or a related subject, and wish to gain practical experience in handling a wide range of materials and object-types dating from the Neolithic period to Late Antiquity. Interns will be required to prepare and enter catalogue data after training in the EMu system. The interns will work under the supervision of the project manager.

The British School will provide travel costs of up to 250€ and School membership. Self-catering accommodation is available at competitive rates in the School’s research centre at Knossos.

Information on the timing and details of each set of applications will be made available on the BSA website – in summer and winter each year.


Award Holders

- Lee Jingwen, Hannah (University of Cambridge) 15/16

- Nuttall, Chris (University of Liverpool) 15/16

- Smith Nicholls, Florence (University College London) 14/15

- Thompson, Matthew (University College London) 14/15

- Turley, Ailbhe (University of Edinburgh) 14/15

- Kritikopoulos, Irene (University College London) 14/15

- Acosta, Camille (London Metropolitan University) 13/14

- Bouaoun, Francesca (University of Edinburgh) 13/14