The Fitch Laboratory funds graduate students or young scholars to undertake research at its premises for up to 3 months, in any of the fields in which the Laboratory is active (e.g. inorganic material analysis, geophysical prospection, zooarchaeology, archaeobotany, soil micromorphology, ethnoarchaeology, landscape archaeology, archaeology of technology; normally in the context of Aegean/Mediterranean archaeology).


Two or three awards are offered every year depending on requirements for the duration of the term. The Bursary includes a monthly stipend (€400), BSA membership and accommodation at the BSA Hostel in Athens and, if required for research purposes, also in Knossos. The award holder will be required to submit a report on her/his research at the Laboratory to the Laboratory’s Subcommittee and Director.

The successful applicant will be expected to use the facilities of the Fitch Laboratory (including analytical equipment and reference collections) as well as the BSA library to further on-going work, in the context of a postgraduate degree or postdoctoral research. The award carries no other formal obligation, although involvement in the academic life of the BSA (for example in the form of a seminar) is welcome.

The successful applicant will be responsible for acquiring on time any required permits for study and transfer of archaeological material to the Fitch Laboratory. If the use of in-house analytical facilities is necessary for the proposed research, applicants are advised to contact the Laboratory Director to get feedback on costs and timing.

When open, the Bursary will be advertised on this website, in addition to other venues, with details of how to apply.