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The Knossos Donated Fund of the British School at Athens, with the generous support of anonymous donations, promotes research into prehistoric Knossos (i.e. before 776 BC) by making grants towards the expenses of research projects. Those that involve the study and publication of unpublished excavations at Knossos, including those of Sir Arthur Evans, will be especially welcome. The Fund does not support current fieldwork. Grants are unlikely to exceed £800 in any year. There is no standard application form but please follow the instructions below. Recipients of awards must have been admitted as members of the School before receiving their grants, and are normally expected to stay in the Taverna. Applications may be submitted at any time. Please set out your application clearly in no more than two pages under the following headings and submit it as an email attachment to the School Administrator: 1. Name(s) and address(es) of applicant(s) 2. Title of project 3. Description of project (maximum 500 words) 4. Budget (outline of [total] expenditure) 5. Sum applied for from the Knossos Donated Fund, and for what specific purpose 6. Relevant grants (already received/pending) for this or related work 7. Plans for publication. Successful applicants must submit a report on their work by end of the following October.


Award Holders

- Nafplioti, Argyro 10/11