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The Vronwy Hankey Memorial Fund for Aegean Studies has been funded by gifts to the School’s Appeal in memory of Vronwy Hankey and her husband Henry. Grants, which are unlikely to be more than £1000, are available for the expenses (including, but not limited to, attending conferences to present papers, photography, and travel to museums and sites) involved in research in the prehistory of the Aegean and its connections with the East Mediterranean.

Preference may be given to younger Students. Applications should be submitted by 19th April 2019. Candidates should submit letters of application to the School Administrator, Mrs Tania Gerousi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Letters should not be longer than two pages and should include a statement of the purposes of the application and a budget and timetable for the proposed work, together with the name and address of a referee whom the awarding panel may consult. Applications may be made for but are not limited to, grants towards the maintenance costs of longer stays at museums and other study centres so as to achieve work that would not otherwise have been attempted. Recipients of awards must submit a short report on the use of the grant to the School Administrator by 30th April the following year.


Award holders

- Kountouri, Elena (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) 16/17

- Theodoridis, Konstantinos (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) 15/16

- Montesanto, Mariacarmela (University of Liverpool) 15/16

- Georganas, Ioannis 15/16

- Buston, Maximilian (Oxford University) 14/15

- Papadopoulos, Angelos (Open University Cyprus) 14/15 

- Paschalidis, Konstantinos (National Archaeological Museum) 13/14

- Michelaki, Flora (University College London) 11/12

- Johnston, Emma (University of Bristol) 11/12

- Papadopoulos, Angelos (Department of Antiquities, Cyprus) 10/11