Dr Chavdar Tzochev

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British School at Athens
52 Souedias Street
Athens, 10676
+30 211 1022 810


As IT Officer at the BSA I am responsible for developing and maintaining the IT infrastructure of the School, interfacing with all departments and helping to organize administration, research, and outreach. Parallel to this I am pursuing my own research, which is focused on ancient economic history, especially amphora trade and production in the Aegean and the Black Sea. I am also interested in the archaeology of ancient Thrace, burial practices, and monumental tomb architecture. 

I received a PhD in Classical Archaeology from Sofia University and I held a Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and Kress Publication Fellowship at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.


Selected publications

  • Tzochev, C. Amphora Stamps from Thasos (The Athenian Agora XXXVII), Princeton, 2016.
  • Tzochev, C.  “Markets, Amphora Trade and Wine Industry: The Case of Thasos.” In The Ancient Greek Economy: Markets, Households and City-States, edited by E. Harris, D. M. Lewis, and M. Woolmer. Cambridge, 2016, pp. 230–253.
  • Tzochev, C. “Accounts from the Treasury of Seuthes III: Inscribed Silver Plate Found in the Tomb of the Golyama Kosmatka Mound.” Hesperia 85, 2016, pp. 779–794.
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  • Tzochev, C. “Archaic Amphora Import from Thracian Sites around the Bay of Bourgas.” In PATABS II. Production and Trade of Amphorae in the Black Sea. Acts of the International Round-Table held in Kiten, Nessebar and Sredetz, September 26–30 2007, edited by C. Tzochev, T. Stoyanov, and A. Bozkova. Sofia, 2011, pp. 73–86, pls. I–III.
  • Tzochev, C. “Between the Black Sea and the Aegean: the Diffusion of Greek Trade-Amphorae in Southern Thrace.” In Production and Trade of Amphorae in the Black Sea. PATABS I (Varia Anatolica 21), edited by D. Kassab Tezgor, and N. Inaishvili, 2010, pp. 97–101, pls. 55–60
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