The British School at Athens conducts and facilitates cutting-edge research into Hellenic culture from prehistoric to modern times and supports projects that make significant original contributions to knowledge. These projects are undertaken within the framework of a Strategic Plan for Research which is periodically revisited by BSA Council while the research is co-ordinated by the Committee for Archaeology and the Committee for Society, Arts and Letters. The Chairs of these Committees, as the School Director, welcome proposals for projects, workshops, or conferences.  


A major part of the School’s work is supporting independent researchers and degree students who need to work through the School, as well as providing access to facilities, and especially specialist library holdings.  


The British School at Athens also supports original research initiatives such as Balkan Futures by a new generation of scholars in the field of Balkan regional studies - a co-initiative with the British Institute at Ankara and the École française d’Athènes. Conferences and workshops develop work in progress and articulate and build upon the major academic contributions arising from research conducted by or via the School.


These pages present an overview of the diverse range of research projects conducted by the School's Officers, Members, and collaborators, and of the School's activities in promoting this work and disseminating the results. The Archaeology Projects also lists those field projects for which the School proposes to apply to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports for permits in the current academic year.  Those interested in specific projects are advised to contact directly the project director listed.  Field reports can be consulted via Archaeology in Greece Online. 


Please consult the Permits section for instructions on how to apply for archaeological permits or to work at Knossos or in the Archive. The School's activities are guided by our Strategic Plan for Research, which is available for download under further information.