Whether publishing new inscriptions, reinterpreting old ones, or critically analysing editions, the BSA Greek Epigraphy course provides training for historians, archaeologists and textual scholars in the discipline of reading and interpreting epigraphic evidence. Students will be guided through the process of producing editions of inscriptions, gaining practical first-hand experience with the stones as well as instruction in editorial practice and bibliographic skills.

The course will be taught around the School’s own Museum collection, and will also utilise the most significant epigraphic collections around Athens, in particular at the superb facilities of the Epigraphic Museum, where students will each be assigned a stone from which to create a textual edition by close reading of the letters and an understanding of the monument.

Lectures by a number of eminent guest speakers will show how epigraphic evidence can illuminate a variety of historical and thematic subjects. The importance of understanding inscriptions within their archaeological and topographical contexts will be explored during site visits around Athens, Attica, and Delphi. 

Some prior knowledge of Greek is essential, although students with only elementary skills are advised that reading inscriptions is a very good way to advance in the language!

The next course will take place in June 2019. The call for applications will open in November 2018.