Subscribing Members are supporters of the School who play a direct role in its Governance. They elect 4 members of Council and, together with Regular Members in the current and previous sessions, have the right to attend the Annual Meeting which must approve the School's Accounts and Annual Report, and which is empowered to amend the Statutes. Subscription to the School is distinct from the Regular Membership required of those who wish to use the School's facilities and services in Greece.

The basic annual subscription, payable on 1 September each year, entitles you to:

- receive the Annual Report of Council; 

- attend and vote at the School's Annual Meeting held in London in early February (and followed by a lecture); 

- a vote in the Subscribing Members' election to Council held in November; 

- a discount on School publications.

The higher rate of subscription entitles you to receive in addition the Annual of the British School at Athens and Archaeological Reports for that year. Further information for individual Subscribing Members is provided on the downloadable Subscribers Form:  institutions interested in becoming Subscribing Members should contact the London Secretary.

List of Subscribing Members